Mobile Antivirus App

Do you ever stop and think about the potential danger that comes with all those small things you do with your handset every day? There is so much we can do with our mobile devices these days – such as install personalized apps, make online purchases, make hotel and airline reservations, and even complete an office task. Most times, you’ll be sending your personal information in order to complete those tasks, making you a potent target for cybercriminals. If your handset is not well protected with a mobile antivirus app, you might become the next victim of identity theft or cyber fraud.

A mobile antivirus app protects your private information during storage and when surfing online. It protects data on your handset as well as tablet. Viruses and malware can delete or corrupt sensitive data on your device if it gets infected. Worse, most of these malicious files are bundled with seemingly useful apps that are typically free to download. Without a good antivirus app, you may be a victim of these cunning tricks. Once the rogue app is installed on your handset, the malicious payload will then unleash its ugly head, erasing important data and corrupting files.

An antivirus app safeguards your privacy by protecting your identity while surfing online. Unscrupulous individuals can use sophisticated tracking tools to monitor your online activities if you’re not protected. The security and anonymity provided by a mobile security app allows you to browse the Internet with peace of mind.

When installed on your device, a good security app with a GPS tracking feature will locate the device in the event of theft or if misplaced. Cases of leaked data are not uncommon especially after loss of a mobile device.

Depending on the type of security app, you may also be able to monitor your children’s online activities as well as locate them on their mobile phone using a parental control feature. With this capability, you may be able to block unwanted calls and messages using a blacklist module that comes with some advanced mobile antivirus apps.

Platform Support

Most security vendors offer mobile antivirus support for all major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Symbian, RIM, and Windows. Predictably, the Android App Market together with Apple App Store are the two largest mobile app stores, with over one million apps between them. However, you’ll find the biggest number of free antivirus apps on the Android market.

Free vs. Premium Apps

The mobile app market is littered with both free and premium antivirus applications. Obviously, this creates a lot of confusion for users given that some free versions from reputable vendors offer a solid level of protection against the common online threats that matches the security provided by premium versions. However, many tests carried out by independent experts have concluded that the majority of free antivirus apps offer limited or no protection at all.

On the other hand, premium versions from different vendors tend to perform better when tested against various parameters. Thus, it is generally safer to spend on a premium version that guarantees a satisfactory level of security than risking your data with a free app.

Ultimately, the responsibility of keeping your device safe rests entirely with you. The majority of mobile users do not take responsibility of the data carried on their mobile devices. Whereas installing a mobile antivirus app is a wise move, malware authors and cybercriminals are constantly devising ways to stay one step ahead. That means even the ‘best’ security app might not be good enough. Moreover, most of the malicious apps that get to your device do so through social engineering tricks.