Antivirus Applications For Android

Hundreds of free and paid antivirus apps flood the Android APP Market every day. There’s no doubt that you need to protect your Android device from a multitude of threats that abound in cyberspace. However, it can be confusing trying to find an antivirus app that suits your needs and usage of mobile services.

While Android is built on the base of a fairly safe operating system (Linux), it is not enough to save it from today’s crafty and knowledgeable malware authors that have devised ways to circumvent the inherent security on the platform. The best thing is to have the right information so that you’re able to make informed decisions when you’re at the Android App Market.

Threat Types

When it comes to mobile – particularly Android – there are all sorts of threats. Majority of users are more familiar with threats from infections like Trojans, viruses, and spyware. Due to the lax vetting process, it’s a lot easier for malware authors to sneak their dubious apps onto the Android App Market compared to Apple’s iPhone App Store. Thus, a lot of unwary users download potentially malicious apps onto their Android devices even though the apps might initially appear safe and useful.

Nonetheless, cautionary information is made available on the platform so that users can be more thoughtful when downloading apps. Precisely, users are made aware of the data and phone services that an app must have access to in order to be installed. For instance, apps that require access to pertinent information like contact lists should be swiftly ignored because the potential risks it poses outweigh any usefulness it might have. Note that access to certain information and services on your device is critical to its security. Your phone’s security could be compromised if a rogue app gains access to such vital information.

Recommended Antivirus Apps for Android

It’s impossible to choose an outright winner when it comes to antivirus apps for android. However, there are a handful of apps that are most recommended for Android users mainly because they offer more than just antivirus protection. Here’s a list of five antivirus apps with free versions:

Lookout Security and Antivirus – According to their own claims, Lookout boasts of the largest number of mobile users worldwide, which attests to the confidence users entrust in the security app. The app is one of the oldest mobile security applications and was initially free to download. However, a paid version has been available since 2010 (for $29.9 a year), offering a range of advanced security features including remote lock and wipe, online backup, safe browsing, and privacy advisor. The free version offers basic protection features like real-time scanning of new apps as well as on-demand scans for installed applications.

AVG Antivirus – AVG is one of the most popular antivirus applications for desktop, but has both free and paid mobile versions for Android. Once installed, then it will automatically scan all apps on the device, and then switch to real-time mode. A paid version is available at a one-off fee of $9.99 and includes an optimizing module to enhance performance of your device, a backup module, and an app locker.

Dr Web Antivirus Light – Although it is very light in terms of features, Dr Web antivirus for mobile is one of the most effective security apps for android having ranked second in a test done by AV-Test last November. If you simply want to guard against malware and infections, Dr Web’s free version is the app for you. You can always upgrade to a full version for only $4.99 whenever your security needs change.

Zoner Antivirus – This app has consistently performed well in various tests. It is completely free to download and offers all the basic security features in addition to theft protection, blacklist creation, and message filtering, among others.

Whatever your mobile security needs, these antivirus apps will provide adequate protection for peace of mind while using your mobile device.

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